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HOME™ Innovation

Every Flynner HOME™ provides homeowners with modern innovations that create healthy, optimized, and maximum-efficiency homes. This brings our clients things like healthier indoor air quality, superior comfort, 40% to 100% more energy efficiency, a smaller carbon-footprint, and a home that will eventually makes money with an ROI of approximately 25%.



We understand that your health is your greatest asset. This is why we do everything in our power to help you achieve optimal health and well-being by designing homes with incredible fresh air ventilation, tight-construction, radon control, and more.



Flynner is the first to build a Net-Zero Energy home in Idaho and is the leader in Certified Green Building. These two facets allow us to build the most optimized home on the market today.



In order to achieve maximum-efficiency with your home, Flynner makes the exterior parts of your house that come into contact with the natural environment as energy efficient, and air-tight as possible with minimal costs providing you with incredible ROI on construction costs in under 4 years.


Design Process


Build Process

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