Molly O'Leary and Neil McFeeley

Thank you for being so great to work with and for making our project a relatively painless endeavor. I told Scott at our first meeting that I didn't like unpleasant surprises when building and you guys did what you said you would do. You are tops on our list to recommend to friends and colleagues. We have told numerous people what a good job we think you did and recommended you whenever they want to build.

Kate Stillman

As soon as we moved into our new house, the kids could breath better. They were sleeping better. They were living better. I am very content with our decision to build a Flynner Home and I believe it is helping immeasurably with the health of our children!

Kevin Weigel

My actual electric cost for the year was ~$720 while gas was ~$520. Total $1,240 [$103/month for my 3,000 sqft house]!

Mike Fisch

Not only do I and my family live in a Flynner home, but I also work here in a home office. It's a beautiful, efficient, well-constructed house. We have enjoyed it every day for four years now! I feel like it makes a difference to have such an energy-efficient house. The utility bills are on par with our previous home which was 40% smaller.

Mick Grefenson

Regarding our home, it has been great. We have really enjoyed it the last 4 1/2 years. When we interviewed with Flynner Homes the primary focus was how a home was constructed. We have noticed the benefit of the Flynner Homes attention to details on the construction and installation of the walls, windows, floors and roof. The total thermal envelope of the home was and continues to be very tight. This is important as both of our children have seasonal allergies. The energy recovery ventilation unit that was installed allows us to keep the interior environment very clean and well ventilated with minimal energy use impact. Overall, the home just "feels" comfortable. The home has a uniform temperature between floors and rooms, and with the multi-zone split system heat pumps we have reduced our energy consumption considerably over our old home. We can really notice the HERS index rating of 61 on our Idaho Power bills! If we stoke up the old fashioned, two stage combustion, clean burning wood stove we can heat all of our primary use areas without using Mechanical heating. This just adds yet another layer of energy benefits. In addition to the energy benefits, we also have the benefit of knowing that we are good stewards of natural resources since our home was built with recycled and low VOC materials. I was very please that our home achieved a National Green Building Standard rating of Gold and we can now "feel" what that means. Thank you very much, it is everything you said it would be and more. What a home!

Joe Rengel

You'll hear me say this many times I'm sure, but I am also proud of my relationship with you. I couldn't have had a better building experience start to finish and it just goes to show what little the detractors know. You're truly a man of your word and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you and your outstanding team. You are so far ahead of the rest of the world that it just seems silly now to build anything other than green. I will always be ready to sing the praises of both the house and the process. Congratulations to you on a great job!

In general, I have experienced a very healthy nearly two year stay in my home. I have experienced no colds or sinus troubles since moving in. Throughout my life, I usually come down with at least one cold per year but so far none here. That makes me happy. I feel that I breath consistently well in the house and I sleep very well. That has been the case since I moved in. My HVAC system keeps my air clean and fresh. The over all feeling inside the house is that of comfort. Whenever I get home and settle in after being outside, within a few minutes I'm feeling that comfort again. It is this feeling that keeps me home so much lately. If you love your living space, why spend significant chunks of time elsewhere? I prefer to be home most of the time and it is this house that encourages that.

Whenever I have guests, I have made it a habit to wait about a half hour and then ask them how the house feels to them? Comfortable? Welcoming? The near unanimous response is always "yes, very". This also makes me happy. I am proud to crow about the fact that this house has a relatively tiny footprint compared to conventionally built homes and that it represents a solution instead of the problem. I'm also proud that it shows a kind of leadership in the Nampa community and may inspire others to build this way. I can say without reservation that I am happy living in a house of this type and now couldn't imagine living in a non-certified green home again.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the dollar side of the house is also outstanding. Since moving in the net metering program, supported by both passive and active generation features, has no doubt kept several hundred dollars on a monthly average in my pocket. Living here I have virtually no utility costs whatsoever. In the first year, the well pump and garage lighting generated a minuscule electric cost only because they are not part of the house system. Otherwise, I would have had no utility expense whatsoever. This fact makes me very happy. Keeping a few extra dollars in my pocket each month is a great feeling. Now continue that feeling, and cost savings, out over the many years that I hope to live in this home and my savings will be very significant indeed. One study estimates that over twenty years, my savings could be in the neighborhood of 70K at today's electric rates. Of course the whole world knows that those rates will do nothing but rise over the rest of our lives, so that figure is surely low. If you were to compare this to the sky high utility rates that I was accustomed to in So Cal then yes, this too makes me very happy.

My home offers me a consistently comfortable environment. The sealed wall system has eliminated any drafts and the temperature is consistent during all four seasons. The zone heating and cooling system delivers this consistency through the mini split heads located throughout the house. Whether it is heat or cooling, this system responds and delivers. I am very happy about this too. The motorized clear story windows can be opened on warm evenings and in seconds any trapped warm air is vented upward and the house is again optimum within seconds. Another welcome feature is that the house is very quiet. Neighbors complain about motorcycle noise in the neighborhood but I have to tell them that it doesn't negatively impact me. This does not make them happy. Every feature designed to create this environment of wellness has worked as advertised. There is also no wasted motion here either. All components are here for a reason and the sum of those components and their consistent performance has been impressive comfort.

Really, I could go on and on. I try to talk about what a prosperous choice it was to pursue this net zero path. I am very proud to have connected with Flynner Homes and allowed them to lay out those choices for my consideration. Together I believe that we have created one of the very best housing values in the nation. It feels really good to have responded to the challenge of creating an unmatched living environment while lessening the cost and burden to our world by living this way. In case you have not taken note, yes, all of this makes me very happy.

Keep up your great mission Scott. Never hesitate to tap my support. All the best.

Lew and Anna Goldman

Choosing a contractor to remodel my home was the biggest financial decisions I have made in my life. After much deliberation my wife and I selected Flynner Homes. The decision was based on Scott's response time to my initial calls and emails, unsolicited recommendations I received in the community and finally a gut instinct I had about Scott being a person of strong integrity who would guide me in the right direction. Once we retained Scott our main point of contact became the project manager who had impeccable customary service, a firm handle on the construction process and a sophisticated sense of style when it came to architectural and design decisions that confronted us at every turn. The craftsmanship which went into the home truly speaks for itself; there was no detail too small or any challenge too large that would stop Flynner from delivering us the home we envisioned. In the end we were left with a house that exceeded our expectations in every way, I would highly recommend Flynner Homes.

Ryan Mrozinski

Just wanted to send you a few quick remarks on your service and Flynner in general. Cassie and I are very happy with our home and you are always welcome to stop by or show a client if you wish, fyi.

  • I was very skeptical of builders and construction in general and went into our home build expecting the worst. Scott and Bill at Flynner homes were of the highest integrity throughout the whole project and a pleasure to work with on a day to day basis. I actually looked forward to our meetings at the construction site to discuss the progress!

  • Flynner homes worked endlessly with us on ALL our change orders to help customize our home the way we envisioned. This was an ongoing process throughout the whole build and they met each of our requests in a very timely manner and adjusted as necessary.

  • The quality of our home is superb. We feel like this house is very solid, well built with no shortcuts taken. Any concerns of quality along the way were addressed immediately and corrected as needed to meet our expectations.

  • Where we noticed Flynner Homes was different and a step above other builders was their ongoing support well after we were settled in our new home. We were working through some appliance and mechanical issues and the team at Flynner kept working with us and the manufacturer to ensure our problem was completely fixed. This included numerous call outs by plumbers, installers and technicians over the course of 6 months but they narrowed down the problem until it was corrected. I can only assume that most builders would not have stuck it out this long with our problems but it was clear than Flynner wanted to make the solution right. I am confident that should we encounter any more issues down the road Flynner will be there to assist as needed; they definitely added some piece of mind with the handling of this situation.

  • Cassie & I would recommend Flynner homes to anyone considering building a new. Flynner worked with us over the course of 6 months before we were even sure what our plan and project were to be, if one at all? We couldn't be more satisfied that we chose Flynner homes for our build and we are confident we picked the right builder here in Boise! We are proud to say our home is Flynner built!!!

Gwen & Curt Fransen

We may still be in the "honeymoon" phase, only having lived in our new home for five months, but not a day goes by without reflecting on the true partnership with you to build it, however. There was a lot of give and take, but we all kept the same vision at the forefront. It was a good experience and we believe that had much to do with the process you clearly outlined up front and followed during construction. Your encouragement for our active participation and feedback was another important factor to the success of this project. We would do it all over again with you, and even better next time!

Matisse Weigel

Building with Scott Flynn was a wonderful experience. His team walked us through the entire process from beginning to end and understood the vision we had for our home. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are simply amazing and are evident in the end product. After we moved in, Scott continued to support us and addressed any questions or concerns quickly. And now we are living in the house of our dreams that reflects, in every way, precisely what we wanted.

Connie Butts

A few comments from Connie as she watched the progress of her home…

  1. I went by the house today and I was really impressed by the siding. I loved the detail in the porch and all around it. Once again you exceeded my expectations it looks awesome.

  2. After seeing how beautiful the porch came out I was anxious to see how the patio would be. Once again he did a great job it looks fantastic. Thanks for being picky with your subs, they have all done outstanding work so far. I am sure this is one area where some builders might cut corners and find subs that will work for less especially during these economic times. It meant a lot to us in choosing you that you had subs that were with you for a long time.

  3. I went by the house today and once again I was pleasantly surprised. The shelves next to the fireplace look awesome! I loved the wrap around windows and the matching door ways. Thanks again for that upgrade it makes all the difference. Walkway and driveway look great, and even all the concrete in the back came out nice. The guys were still there so I had the opportunity to tell them how much I liked it. Your good! They're good! And its still fun!

  4. I went by the house this morning to open all the windows up and was stunned by the beautiful floors. What a finishing touch! I can't describe the emotion at finally seeing our house complete. You truly exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for everything.

  5. It truly was a pleasure working with Scott and I would highly recommend him to anyone that asks. He was an attentive to our thoughts and concerns and most importantly responsive. He built us a beautiful one of a kind custom home with in our budget and far beyond our expectations. What more could you ask for?

Steve & Charlene (and kids) Pickett

The Pickett family moved into our new Flynner Home located at 4823 W. Willow Lane in Boise, ID in June 2010, on schedule, having initiated our contract in December 2009. The entire construction process was very smooth, positive and collaborating, from loan origination through home design (multiple changes) and construction and we can state unequivocally that we are proud and pleased to be living in a Flynner Home. The main considerations in choosing Flynner Homes were the quality and "green"/energy-saving construction practices they utilize, for little or no additional cost as compared to standard building construction. Our home has more than lived up to the pre-construction goals and guarantees that Flynner Homes commits to and that we were hoping to attain. Our home meets NAHB certified green standards (silver level) and we have been 100% satisfied with overall performance and energy-savings to date. Our electric power bills are averaging around $40/mo., while our peak gas bill for winter has been $85/mo., this for a 2100 sq. ft. house. We have had NO problems with any aspect of our house and it is truly a pleasure to live in such a comfortable and solid new home knowing that there should be few if any near-term maintenance needs and that the energy savings will continue to accrue. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend using Flynner Homes if you are considering either new construction or large-scale remodeling. Other Flynner Home owners that we have spoken with seem to be equally appreciative of the quality, comfort, environmental benefits, and peace of mind that their homes provide. Simply put, why not live in a superior home for the same cost up front and have significantly lower energy and likely maintenance costs in the future.

David & Janelle Priest

We recently moved into our Flynner Homes custom designed and built Green Home and WE LOVE IT!!!

Scott took our existing plans and carefully listened to what we talked about and more importantly what we didn't talk about. He made sound recommendations for changes which greatly improved the overall design and function of our home.

The construction was timely, through and highly professional. All the craftsman took great pride in their work, most especially the cabinet makers from Western Idaho Cabinets (headed by Chris Dewitt) and the tiling craftsman from Majestic Tile & Floor (led by Chris Woods). All of whom far exceeded plain good service, they created true works of beauty that reflect Prairie Style Bungalow we built.

Project Manager Bill Haas, is kind and understanding with a great sense of humor. He was always available to answer any questions and is a great problem solver. On the few times when problems arose, there were 2 to 3 creative solutions presented to us. And remarkably most of the solutions saved us money! Our home is living proof that you can build Green without breaking your budget.

Should we ever decide to build again, there is no doubt in our minds that Flynner Homes would be our builder of choice. We feel very fortunate that not only do we have a beautiful new Green Home, we also made new friends with several of the Flynner Homes team members. How many people can truly say that after building a home?

Mike Fisch

Scott Flynn and his team put together an awesome home. Better than I imagined it would be. The attention to detail shows a real pride in their work. And the energy efficiency of green construction means our utility bills will be reduced, every month and every year, going forward.

Matt Helmboldt

We first noticed Flynner Homes in other subdivisions and appreciated the attention to detail and "arts and crafts" style of the homes. We wanted to build a custom home with the details Scott uses in his homes. We also wanted an ENERGY STAR certified home, which Scott routinely builds utilizing advanced framing techniques (more insulation in wall surface area). From the beginning, Scott helped us design our custom home. We found a floor plan that we liked, and with a lot of thought and preparation we gave our ideas to Scott, and he and his designer helped us work out the kinks to get the design right. Scott was very open to communication with him, very receptive, and returned our calls or emails very promptly. The house turned out great, we were going for a "Craftsman Farmhouse" and that's exactly what we got!

Bill Mullane

I might have graded Flynner Building Company as having "met expectations" because after meeting Scott Flynn and viewing his work, I had very high expectations. I must say, though, that the finished product and the entire process did exceed my expectations. After interviewing several builders in the area, my wife and I were drawn to Scott because he listened closely and did not try to "sell" us on any preconceived notions. He answered all questions thoughtfully and honestly and delivered the unvarnished truth even if it might have meant losing the deal. Scott also differentiated himself by having an obvious commitment to quality. Listed below additional qualities that define Flynner Building Company:

  • Personal Touch: Scott spent a lot of time at the building site and was always available to talk or meet. It was obvious that he took a personal interest in producing a quality home.

  • Communication:Scott has great listening skills and always returns calls and emails promptly. He also answers questions and deals with situations in an honest and straightforward manner.

  • Quality:Scott has a strong commitment to quality in materials, subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Organization/speed: Work progressed steadily in a highly organized fashion. Our home was completed at least one month earlier than expected.

  • Sub contractors:Scott has assembled a talented group of sub contractors with whom he has strong working relationships.

The budget Scott developed for us was realistic and provided what we wanted at a fair price. We enjoyed working with the network of suppliers recommended by Scott who helped us stay within our budget for all of the parts and pieces that went into our home. Having entered the home building process with trepidation, I will actually miss working with Scott and watching our home come together bit by bit. Scott was able to deliver the quality home of our dreams within our budget and at least a month ahead of schedule. Though all work has been completed and we are moved in, Scott continues to stay in touch and is committed to seeing that we are completely satisfied with our new home."

Darrin Mehr

Strengths include a willingness to listen to the homebuyer and a commitment to complete the job to the best of Flynner Building Company's abilities. Issues will be resolved through on-going discussions with a non-combative atmosphere. Construction work was never unexpectedly halted and delayed for extended periods of time. This allowed us to move in by the target date first discussed. In short the process was well organized. With Flynner Building Company you aren't dealing with a builder that signs off your plans with a number in a file of say "182 of 250." It truly feels like the project is a significant part of the firm's on-going construction portfolio. I worked with the company founder in the past in areas completely separate from the construction business. I liked what I saw then. I like what he did for me in building our house. A home truly reflects the integrity and expertise of the builder.

Jennifer Riha

Flynner Building Company was great to work with. This was not our first build job so we already knew what to expect and what to watch for. They did a fantastic job planning and organizing. We were always kept up to date on where we were in the phases of construction. They were easy to get a hold of and always willing to meet us on site and go over our questions in person. This is a very personal company, you are not just another number in the long list of homes that is being built. We were taken care of before, during and after construction.