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Our mission is to improve the health and prosperity of all that we touch through sustainability-based design and construction. We are the leading expert in beautiful, comfortable, healthy, durable, energy-efficient custom homes. We believe your home should be an environment of wellness and piece-of-mind and that a home should not only better its owner’s health and well-being, but simultaneously improve the health of the environment.


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Every Flynner HOME™ provides homeowners with modern innovations that create healthy, optimized, and maximum-efficiency homes. This brings our clients things like healthier indoor air quality, superior comfort, 40% to 100% more energy efficiency, a smaller carbon-footprint, and a home that will eventually make you money with an ROI of approximately 25%.

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Not only do I and my family live in a Flynner home, but I also work here in a home office. It’s a beautiful, efficient, well-constructed house. We have enjoyed it every day for four years now! I feel like it makes a difference to have such an energy-efficient house. The utility bills are on par with our previous home which was 40% smaller.
— Mike F.
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