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Net-Zero Energy


A net-zero energy (NZE) home is the ultimate accomplishment with regards to high-performance construction and energy efficiency. A NZE home produces as much energy as it consumes, meaning that over the course of a year the homeowner has no energy usage.

Flynner is the first in Idaho to build a verified net-zero energy home. Since 2010 we have built 4 of them with HERS ratings as low as negative 12 (-12). When you are looking for the ultimate in beauty, performance, and piece-of-mind-look no further than a NZE home.


Flynner is the valley's leader in certified green custom home building. To date we have built over 25 custom certified green homes, including the:

  • First Idaho National Green Building Standard “Certified Green Home”

  • First Idaho National Green Building Standard “Certified Green Remodel”

  • First Idaho Verified Net-Zero Energy Home

  • First Idaho Carbon-Neutral Constructed Home

Certified green building is a specialized building process that works for any style, size, location or lot type. Any home can be built beautiful, comfortable, healthy...and certified green! Flynner Building Company offers the service to certify your home "green" under the National Green Building Standard, but its not a requirement to build or remodel with us. The National Green Building Standard utilizes a third party verification process that provides documentation to the homeowner that the home was built as promised - healthy, environmentally responsible and more economical.

The National Green Building Standard incorporates 6 areas of environmental concern into each home, know as Green Building Categories. Under these 6 categories are a variety of distinct line items that a builder and homeowner can select from when designing a green home. The 6 Green Building Categories are:

  1. Lot Design, Preparation and Development - Resource-efficient design and development practices help reduce the environmental impacts and improve the energy performance of the home.

  2. Resource Efficiency - Creating resource-efficient designs and using resource-efficient materials can maximize function while optimizing the use of natural resources. This includes reused, recycled and renewable materials.

  3. Energy Efficiency - This is a "whole systems" approach, which incorporates, HVAC systems, foundations, insulation, windows, appliances, duct sealing, tankless water heaters and much, much more.

  4. Water Efficiency - Green homes focus on water conservation both indoors and out by using such items as duel-flush toilets, ENERGY STAR appliances and moisture sensing sprinkler systems.

  5. Indoor Environmental Quality - Green homes reduce the amount of indoor toxins by eliminating the materials and sources that emit harmful vaporous contaminants.

  6. Operation Maintenance and Homeowner Education - Improper or inadequate maintenance can defeat the builder's best efforts to create a resource efficient home, therefore time is taken to educate the homeowner about proper operation of their new systems.