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We understand that your health is your greatest asset. This is why we do everything in our power to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. To achieve your health-goals the following items are found in every home we build...

  • Fresh Air Ventilation - Who doesn't like breathing fresh air? The EPA has stated that the average person now spends up to 90% of their day inside a building. They have also reported that indoor air quality is poorer than outdoor air. We continuously bring the fresh outdoor air inside with a system known as an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The ERV conditions and filters the incoming air-supplying your family with healthy indoor air 24/7. We consider the ERV the healthiest item you can put in your home.

  • Tight-construction - "Build tight - ventilate right" is our main motto here at Flynner. We understand the amazing benefits of building air-tight homes. This feature eliminates drafting and thermal-gradients that can make you uncomfortable. It also significantly reduces seasonal allergens and pollens that can enter your home. We have built homes that are 80% tighter than a code house—now that's tight!

  • Radon Control - Radon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell or taste. The Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon is emitted from rock and soil, and therefore maybe entering your home through your crawl-space or basement. Not every home has a radon problem, but we don't take the chance-we mitigate each home to the best of our ability. We mitigates radon, amongst other gases and odors, with our ventilation systems and advanced crawl-space assemblies.

  • Air Pressure Balancing - Balanced air pressure throughout your home results in even temperature-gradients and reduces the potential for condensation build-up-reducing the likelihood for mold. Vents, jump-ducts, pressure balancing, and fresh air ventilation work together to reduce the damage that can be caused from water condensation.

  • Paints - We utilize No-VOC (No-VOC = No volatile organic compounds) interior wall paints, which in turn reduces harmful indoor gases.

  • Carpets and Pads - We don’t tell our clients what finishes they have to install in their home-all we do is educate our homeowners on the differences between healthy finishes and toxic ones. Once educated, the homeowner then chooses. But once you are educated that an item such as carpet-pad can off-gas toxins for up to 15 years it becomes a no-brainer decision. Education is a power tool.

  • Formaldehyde Free - Toxins can be found just about everywhere in a code-built house today. We goes the extra mile by insulating our houses with formaldehyde free products and builds our cabinets with CARB-Compliant materials that significantly increase the quality of indoor air you breath.